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The Story of the Three Little Pigs

Hello Lisa and everyone!  This is my first real Skillshare project, and so far so good!  I'm really enjoying myself so far, this is super informative and has been really good practice for me.  I'm about to go to school for illustration, so it was really neat to get a taste of what exactly illustrating entails.  

So! To begin, the email.  I have to say, this is what made me the most nervous.  Good practice though.  :)


  Assuming everything went well, and I got the answers to my questions, I got started on my sketches!


The first one is a bit sloppier than the second and the composition isn't quite finished, so in the future I would put a little more effort into that.  In any case, the first illustration was meant to highlight the various stabilities of the building materials.  (Brick pig looks a little smug, eh?) For the second, I thought it would be amusing to have the stick and straw pig on dinner plates.  Maybe my sense of humor is a little dark, but it seemed like something that might appeal to a broader age range, as specified in the creative brief.

And finally...  The finished product.  :) I made sure to allow for bleed, and though this is sized down, I also saved it in the requested size.  The only thing I didn't do was optimize the colors for printing (they're totally in RBG rather than CYMK) but since this isn't a real project and won't be printed, I didn't feel the need to do that. (that and I don't have a program at the moment that does that.)




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