Lindsay Lorente

Fashion Designer for Bailey44 and Illustrator



The Story of the 3 Little Pigs

I absolutely love this class! It is so great to see everyone's projects and to read feedback. I have learned a lot from reading other peoples emails and seeing how other people would approach a new brief.

Thanks for sharing the process with us!

Email to Art Director:


Here are my two first drafts in pencil:


I picked the draft on the left to make my final illustration. I wanted to personify the three pigs as three girls who all chose different outfits. I thought of how we can sometimes take our outfits so seriously, but they can actually impact how we feel at the end of the day. I loved making the big bad wolf like a bad x-boyfriend. If you pick a fierce enough outfit, then even your worst x-boyfriend can't get you down!

My Inked in Version: 

I thought that this may be a better  version to send the art director as it is closer to the final project. However, if there was something that needed changing, it would be more difficult than changing a pencil sketch.


At first I had it with no background to keep it modern but it ended up feeling too serious. I added the pink background to make it feel a little more like a children's book.


Final with background



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