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The Story of Mr. Stripey

My food story is about a big heirloom tomato that has been ripening in my garden for what seems like ages.  It is a variety called Mr. Stripey, which has cool colors.  I want to tell the story of this beautiful, juicy and delicious tomato going from my garden to a caprese salad on my table.

The story begins in the garden where Mr. Stripey is harvested.  He is over a pound!


Next is an overhead shoot with the ingredients:


Then a 90 degree shot of slicing the tomato:


And then the assembled salad from above


Finally a detail shot of the basil in the salad.


Overall I'm happy with the photos, although the last two turned out brighter than I wanted.  I was going for a rustic, farm-to-table vibe and feel like the darker photos convey that better.


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