The Story Of Me

The Story Of Me - student project

This is my first Skillshare class. I'm going to give it a try.

Listened to the first videos and decided that since I'm in a bit of a funk, I would tell the story of me to get me thinking about positive things in my life. Filled out Step 1. Attached Below...

The Story Of Me - image 1 - student project

Next, on to developing the components of my story...

Was a little difficult to get started, but then ideas started flowing.

The Story Of Me - image 2 - student project

The Story Of Me - image 3 - student project

After reviewing and thinking about what I wanted to say about myself, I thought about using the overcoming obstacles, but decided to use the Quest archetype.

The Story Of Me - image 4 - student project

So I decided to do something a little different. I'm going to talk about the end of the quest and then talk about the journey. Since the end of my story parallels the setup of my scene, I think it will be powerful to present it that way. My general order will be:

  • "Happily Ever After"
  • "Once upon a time"
  • Conflict
  • Lessons learned
  • New possibilities

This may be a few to many components, but we will see how it flows together. If it seems like my story is meandering a bit, I feel like it maps well to the diagram of the quest archetype!

So here is the draft outline of my story, I'm a much better speaker than writer, so an outline is usually where I turn.

Err, scratch that. I started typing my outline and it turned into the full story, just over 500 words. It is a little short, and obviously a first draft. However, here it is.


I am blessed. I have a great family who supports me. I have a great job that I enjoy and challenges me. I live in a beautiful home and I want for nothing. My kids have food, clothes, toys, and they love me, and I love them. It sounds idyllic. Why then, would I constantly struggle with self-esteem? Why do I have ongoing questions of self-worth? It’s an ongoing struggle even though the destination of the journey appears to have been here all along.

I was raised in a loving home, my parents have a very strong and healthy marriage. My dad worked in sport’s medicine and always had a successful career and raised me with a very strong work ethic. I grew up in middle America and was raised in the stereotypical middle-class lifestyle. Nice house, good schools, and parents who supported me. From a young age, I was placed in gifted and talented classes and had teachers who challenged me. But I always felt like I was not quite a part of the group of peers.

As long as I can remember, I have struggled with being overweight. It is a part of who I am. I have other challenges as well, I have bi-polar tendencies, and obviously the stresses of life can cause ups and downs, but that challenge has been a consistent pressure. Even when things were going seemingly well, celebrations were always tempered with questions about making sure I was in the back of the photo or trying not to eat too much in front of people. Only to then go home and eat way too much of something less healthy.

What I have found and what is proving to be true time and time again, is that the most valuable characteristic in a journey is that of persistence. If there is one constant, it is change. And the ability to focus and maintain vision on a longer term goal despite environmental change is the difference between the story of a heroic quest and quite simply the lack of a story or even the storyteller. Certainly, there have been times when I have failed to maintain that focus. Those have been the times when I have struggled the most with that sense of self-value.

Continuing to move forward despite temporary setbacks, might be the best definition of persistence that I have heard. Even when temporarily sliding, it has been vital to find a point to reset and to continue the journey. The world is full of classic quotes describing, numbers of missed shots or horses which have been fallen off of, the point is there. Keep on going. Get up and dust yourself off and let the quest continue.

I’m blessed. I have a great family, great job, great home, and, guess what, even a great future. Learning to acknowledge where I am and being able to say confidently “Today is great!” has been a good milestone of progress for me. But part of being able to say that is knowing that I will continue to develop as an individual, and I will continue to get better.

Today is great, but tomorrow will be better.


Great lesson! Good luck and keep getting better!