The Story Of Judith Haddock

The Story Of Judith Haddock - student project


This is a story of a lovely lady named Judith Haddock. She is amazing and truly different from the rest of the people in the world. She has been through so many ups and downs. but those ups and downs have made her stronger everyday. Yes, life is hard for her, but how she manages to get through each day is always a mystery. This is a great story for which is worth reading. This is a story that is truly inspirational. This is a story of a women that will shock you for what you have never seen. This is the story of Judith Haddock.

She is a lovely lady, sun as bright as her smile, eyes of the color of the ocean and brown hair so lovely! flowing like the currents in the sea. She brings joy to other people surrounding her; she brings smiles to everyone. But beyond that smile I see sadness. There have been many challenges in her life. Her forcing to deal with the past so she can succeed to the future. Life is hard on her as I see. But her lovely eyes fade all that away.

She was born September the 5th 1973. Her mother whom she is named after died before she could have a clear memory of. Taken in by her mothers’ best friend who is an angel from god raised her to be as beautiful as the sun. She has such a loving family of many lovely brothers and sisters. Some of her siblings have past away in sadness. Even with sadness she is still bringing a smile to others. It is like she was brought to earth to make others happy.

With the years come by her she happened to find her real father who she had never met. They had such a lovely connection, but sometimes lovely connections do not last long for he had past away. Things had been falling out of place for her. But in her heart, she still had a loving warming family.

A mother which raised her to be who she is to this day. A father whose joy in laughter will lighten your day. Judith haddock is a fighter. No matter what happens. She has three beautiful children that have the same happiness as she does.

She is known to speak out. Speak her mind and fulfill others happiness.

One day I was crying thinking about the past and how it hurt me so. Sitting down with my arms wrapped around me covering my face. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I slowly lifted my head up and I looked to see who it was. It was Judith. I was trying to breathe properly because of the crying, she looked down at me and smiled, she brushed the hair out of my eyes and slowly wiped my tears away. She pulled out the chair and sat next to me and said, “do not think of the past, because it will affect your present and you’ll have no future”.

My eyes widened in shock. Never have I heard such a lovely saying before in my life. It was like an angel had whispered in my ear, everything that she had said just blew me away like the wind in the trees.

The way she thinks is like magic. Either good or bad it’s still the same.

Why I remember this one time I was sitting in the lounge room, relaxed on the purple sofa. She walked into the lounge room, two of my cousins were fighting for the TV. You’d think that it’d be easy for the two of them to decide easily like men, but in their case, no.

She walked in and shook her head and smiled. She walked up towards my cousins and stopped the fight.

She smiled to them both and said “fighting is not going to solve anything”

They both looked at each and shook their heads “he watches TV all the time! I never get a chance. I bought a new movie and was so happy that I could die right this second. Theoretically speaking.”

She looked at the movie and smiled. She gently grabbed the movie out of his hands and smiled looking at the cover and details about the movie. She passed it back.

She reached in her pocket and grabbed 1-dollar coin she had. She looked at them both and said “heads or tails”

I shook my head and laughed thinking that it was that bad that they had to come up with that solution.

“OK” one of my cousins had said shaking his head. Carlton couldn’t believe that it all came down to this. All he wanted was to watch one movie that he had bought today. He was sun-burnt from that walk. His red hair covered in sweat fading down to his dark green eyes.

“I chose heads” my cousin said looking deep into Carlton eyes awaiting victory. My cousin never leaves the TV, I swear he’s never seen the light of day with his pale white skin and his blonde hair flowing down near his dark brown eyes. Blake had everything in his hand. I’d say it would be rather funny to watch him not get his way.

“I guess I’m tails” Carlton said tilting his head with a grin on his face.

I could see they were both eager. In a way I could see how childish it was.

She had flipped the coin and quickly covered her hand.

They both very quickly looked at her hand awaiting to see who had won.

She slowly removed her hand, it was tails. Blake's eyes widened in anger and frustration. Carlton was laughing in happiness.

“I don’t know why you’re upset; you’re glued to this TV 24/7” he said mocking him.

Blake stormed off in anger.

Judith walked up to my Carlton “you shouldn’t be laughing at him; this isn’t a joke” she said giving him a sad look. He nodded. He walked towards the DVD player and played his movie.

Memories with her in it are the best. Even when I’m down I still remember what she had said that lovely quote to me.

Judith has never been rich, and never poor. She struggles with both. Juggling both is a mess, but what she does she manages to pass through. Each day is a challenge, and she is always ready to face it.



She is so amazing and stunning with her character and good looks; she could get anyone she wants by just the smile on her face. You would think it was too good to be true, but the truth is amazing when it comes to her.

She has gone through so much grief, so much trauma and yet she still manages to smile. She doesn’t get her characteristic charm from either her mother or father. She has always had it herself.

She does so much for me. She has gone above and beyond for me. When I have done wrong, she tells me straight forward that I shouldn’t have done such thing. When I done good, she is always grateful that I have down it for her. When I’m down she’s always been there since my first few steps, she has always been there for me when I first spoke. When I was young, she would tell me to follow my dream.

She would say “the only person that’s stopping you from being who you want to be is yourself”

She would always tell me to follow my dreams because it will lead to success, not just for you but for others as well.

Looking up at her smiling as she does, I’m grateful. I am grateful that she is my mother.

The end.


Written by Stephanie Haddock.


Stephanie Ford Haddock
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