The Stories in Bits

The Stories in Bits

Storytelling in cyberspace

I've activated my blog in last year. It's about indie game development and I'm using to talk about my experience in game jam #onegameamonth.

Sorry but the blog is Portuguese because is hard to find texts about game development in Portuguese. Besides it I'm native speaker and Brazilian game market has a great potential, so it's very important to talk in native language for brazilian game developer.

Third task

The main tactic was created a page in Facebook. I post in FB and Tweeter. I put social network buttons. I posted in March 9th. After that I've posted more twice. The results following until March 12nd:

  • The blog had 145 views, 68 visitors, 2.13 views/visitor
  • It's the post second more views in March. 27 views;view
  • No comments (the new post with 2 comments, one each)
  • No new follow ers
  • Considering the page in Facebook: 33 likes. The post in FB about post in blog had 3 likes and one comment  and one share.
  • The new posts is a lot of views in Facebook, for example, my last post've viewed 220 times!
  • About Publicize in Wordpress 33 people know my blog using Facebook and 203 by Tweeter

Result for my first day

Just for comment about the first day and results:

  • The blog had 39 views, 29 visitors, 1.34 views/visit
  • It's the post until now with more views in March. Considering just this post it was viewed 27 times
  • No comments
  • No new followers
  • Considering the page in Facebook: 18 likes. The post in FB about post in blog had 2 likes and one comment 

Its important to say that I wrote about programming games because I'll write during march. Search in Google Trends is a topic with few searches, it's stable. On Brazil nobody dont have search it. India is the country with more intererest

Second Task

My tactics:

  •  I've enabled share buttons (G+, FB e Tweeter). Believe or not, but I've forgot to enable before :-D
  • I've created a fan page in Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TheStoriesInBits)

I wrote about programming game because in march I'll design a game in this genre. But I think very hard to write this way, I need to collect pictures, for example. Other thing, I've created a image to post in Facebook. Following the image. I spent 3 hours!! So, it's impossible for me update a blog this way. I believe that I'll post this way once month, a special post

Following the post in the blog


First task


Gamasutra is a website about game developer excellent. So the blog is very well.
This post I've shared in FB because is about a topic important - indie games.

- Medium size e very informative, explained like a short lecture
- Uses bullet list, external links and start with cartoon
- With a lot of questions
- In start of post Tweet, Facebook, G+ buttons
- They have a fan page in FB.
- Storytelling, is about personal life. A great indie developer talk about his sucessfull story, so I want that my friend read it.

Garatujas Fantásticas (Portuguese)
They have a fan page in FB.
The posts, pages, design of blog is excellent
It's a blog about children - art, books, movies for kids. Each is very nice
about things interestings

- Very short and informative
- Uses big photo, external links and embeded YouTube video
- Don't use questions
- In start of post like facebook, g+ and tweet buttons
- In end of post more like faceboook button, share button facebook
- They have a fan page in FB.
- The topic is very cool. Parents wants to buy cool apps for your sons. So, I
share to say for my friends - look it! your kids could be like it

Hypeness (Portuguese)
They have a fan page in FB.
About design, art, travels, photos, culture
Each post is excellent, very curious. I've shared a lot.

- Very short with a lot of pictures very interesting
- 15 big professional pictures. Some external links
- Don't use questions
- In start and end post with Tweet link
- They have a fan page in FB.
- The topic is very curious it's kind "oh I have never seen it! I wanna that my friends see it too"


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