The Stay Aware Art Website

The Stay Aware Art Website  - student project

Stay Aware Art - The Idea:

I love to take photographs of my husband's artwork and art shows. I would love to one day create a website of all his work and past art shows. He mostly paints images of birds, totems, sacred geometry, and old lettering. His art is always touching on his Chickasaw Native American roots and playing around with the idea of animal spirts.

As of 5/17/13:

Purchased domain name:

Main issue now is uploading all the files into the website using FileZilla. I'm having a hard time uploading. Could someone please help me?

When I dragged and dropped, I got that it was all successful:

The Stay Aware Art Website  - image 1 - student project

However, when you go to it does not show up. My host name, uers name and password are all correct. What am I doing wrong?