The Starry Night


At the first look, this famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh makes me think about a child who went, first, crazy with blue colour and then mid-way realised that it is too much blue and wanted to compliment it with white and yellow. But his impatience took control over his senses and the resulting chaos of wet on wet created this rich stroke movement for which the painting is so renowned. It is such a delightful visual experiences to follow each stroke on its journey through that starry night. The affect of the breeze that is so profoundly visual makes me wonder, how stormy the nights were in the asylum cell where he spent his time, staring at the window while struggling with the thoughts inside him. Was there a tree with its leaves dancing wildly that made him experience the strong breeze or was it the wildness of itself that twisted and turned, finding its way through the tiny window of his cell and played with his hair. Perhaps, like the caress of loved on one’s head. Such warm thoughts might have seeped into his mind as well which allowed the yellow light to ooze out of the few homes in the distance that are seen with life blooming in them.

The richness in the tones that blue mood of the painting has may even reflect the depths of the internal struggle in Vincent’s mind, not as a metaphorical comparison between blue sky and blue moods but more like that constant restlessness which might not have allowed him to view the sky a peaceful whole in itself but a composition of different parts that showed no unity among them and connected separately with the moment of insanity he was experiencing at that moment.