The Starry Night Painting by Vincent Van Gough

The Starry Night is a favorite painting of mine. I find that there is much to absorb in this classic. I first notice the thick, rich textures of the painting and the wild movements of his brush. The many hues of dark blues show that it’s night, but a bright, starry night. You can clearly see that the moon is beaming with light and the stars are sparkling with light in the sky. But the stillness of the village below gives a sense of eerie silence, the silence of the night, on a cool, brisk night. On these types of nights, the smell of crisp air is usually abounding. But on this night, the air has a moist and musky smell. This is the type of night that you would wear a long coat and look behind you as you walk down the streets, for they have an unusual feeling, just too quiet.