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Morgan Lindsay Nelson

Graphic Novelist



The Standing Ward

Step 1: Selecting My Text

I selected Spoon River Anthology and am going to write about Alfred Moir.

Following are 2-3 sentences on why:

I'm such a believer in intuitive writing, so I decided to let the story/character pick me. I put the page range of Spoon River into an online random number picker and got page 91 -- it was there that I met Alfred and his belittling his existence...seeing other peoples actions/lives as more desirable than his own...his connection with this book. Everything about him is gloriously ripe with character (which I think is the best kind of drama to explore!)

Step 2: Drafting My Screenplay

Following is a link to my screenplay - "The Standing Ward" (the first draft):

Step 3: Writing My Logline

Logline for "The Standing Ward":

Alfred Moir is leaving Spoon River for good, with a mysterious book, bag full of cash, a gun and one last deal up his sleeve, but his sinister criminal past catches up with him as he skips town.


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