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The SparkGlue Project


The SparkGlue company begins as a solo enterprise positioned to provide business operations and marketing expertise to small and medium-sized companies and startups.

Scott D. Price is an experienced, motivated, and dynamic Business Operations Manager with 20+ years of experiences for both national and international clients spanning ISO 9000 implementation, troubleshooting, process creation, documentation, and continuous improvement: Proven success with relationship management; strategy and change management, and fiscal management. He has strong business acumen with ability to communicate effectively throughout all organizational levels.

He has also started and advised a number of small Internet companies on marketing and operations including e-commerce, blogs, and Social Media.

What assets do I have or will I create?

I will have a website and create personal, business referrals.

Human Resources available to me:


Future partnerships with:

  • Google Analytics wizards
  • Website host provider
  • Copywriters and graphic artists
  • Social Media and web site development professionals
  • Fun, inspiring, problem solving folks

Customer Description

  • Small to medium-sized business looking to build a platform to grow their business and
  • Downsized 40-60 year olds who want to start their own business but, don’t yet grasp the concept of leveraging the Internet.

What the Customer gets from doing business with me?

A contemporary who has understanding of business operations systems and platforms, has experienced layoffs and had built online businesses and shown others how to use Social Media for business. 

What part of this is hard?

Overcoming the fear of non-acceptance. Developing solutions for customer problems. Managing time and projects to stay on track. Value creation. Making a profit.

What part of this is unique?

I bring a unique perspective as one who has gone through this already. I’m a seasoned professional with demonstrated success who was downsized then rehired as a contracting consultant.

I built scalable business systems that worked efficiently and effectively as the business models turned over. I have a unique blend of design, sales, manufacturing, quality, service, and regulatory experience.

How will I repeat this?

Making contacts through the Internet and through business referrals and social settings such as meetings, conferences, and personal interaction.


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