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The Space

Update 11/24/13: Logo in color 


Update 9/22/13:

It's been awhile but alas I have completed the logo (thanks to another Skillshare class I'm taking on brand identity which forced me to finish this so that I have a logo to work with :). I've been wanting to try this icon style for awhile and am quite pleased with the way it turned out. The logo has two variations depending on the context, one within a container and one without.  

First Post:


Name: The Space

Description: A Brooklyn based, high end gym/yoga studio offering small personalized classes

Keywords: Upscale, quant, refined, quality instruction, urban, autonomous

Target Audiance

Age: 25-35 (young professional, working mom/dad, 60+ woman)

Gender: M/F

Income: $75k+

College Status: Both college and no college

Local: Urban

Typography swipe

Concept swipeComposition swipe

Color swipe

Sources include: pinterest, brand new/under consideration,, Chermayoff and Geismar, draplin, Scott Hill,


There are 3 ideas here that can possibly work, not fixed on any.

1. One is the A as a triangle. The icon can b a triangle in a cirlce (symbolizing an oasis in the city)

2. Using the building, a signature brownstone as an icon with lowercase letters

3. Having a diagnal line cut through the 's'. Not sure why, but I like it and can see it being used in the branding


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