Victor Szepessy

Artist and Illustrator



The Sound of Horses' Hooves on Wet Cobblestones - Pitch in Process


Right, here is my second attempt at an elevator pitch. I'm much happier with it now, although it is possible that I'm still a bit wordy, but hopefully not garbled. Morgan's comments were incredibly helpful and a concise presentation seems to be slowly crystalising now. I would still be overjoyed at any feedback anyone feels like giving! 


So, this is where I'm at right now with my elevator pitch. I'm not 100% happy, so I would be extremely grateful for any feedback on how this is coming across. This is my first novel, which I wrote over the summer and am working to get it considered by various agents and publishers at the moment. The main theme of this story is identity and how it is shaped through culture and language, but also how loss and the death of people close to us shape who we become when trying to find our place in life as we transition into adulthood. 


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