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The Sound Movement

SOUND is the expression of human justice. Its the calling of people standing up for what is right inplace of those who cant. SOUND by definition means, free from moral defect; upright. SOUND is a brand that seeks to help those women that are bound by human traficking and sex slavery. We seek to provide jobs for the women that society has kicked to the curb. Our first step in this fight against human traficking is our India based production house called Open Hands. Open Hands employs these marginalized women and provides fair wages and teaches them business skills. Many of these women seek to go backto sex slavery for the simple fact that there just is no other way to make decent money out there. We started SOUND in hopes to design quality garments that have a purpose behind them. By selling our clothing we are helping to support the jobs of many women that would other wise be treated like nothing as well as have nothing. 


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