The Sopranos: Pine Barrens (what happened to the Russian?)

15 April 2013

Here's my updated poster! I feel like it still needs work, but I did as much as I could before today's deadline. The lower version is my original, then the upper one is after playing with colors and textures a little bit. Any feedback would be great. Thanks for looking!

3 April 2013

Here are a few updated sketches of my layout and early Illustrator work, still in very rough form. Any feedback is very welcome!

And here are some of my favorite movie posters to illustrate the aesthetic I'm trying to work towards:




29 March 2013

I'm hoping to communicate the central story in season 3, episode 11 of the Sopranos, which revolves around a manhunt in the cold and desolate Pine Barrens woods. Two members of the Sopranos family have attempted to dispose of a body there, only to find out he is not only alive and kicking in the trunk of their car, but a formidable opponent even unarmed, and in light pajamas in the freezing cold. He is a member of the Russian mob, and his name is Valery. They lose him, despite having shot him in the head, and they get lost themselves in the Pine Barrens with no food or proper protection from the cold.

Specifically, I'd like to express some of these elements:

- the way that the power structure has been flipped, and the Sorpranos themselves are almost the victims in this scenario of both Valery, and also the physical elements of the Pine Barrens (cold, being lost, no food)

- sense of uncertainty and lack of resoution, because whether or not Valery survives is never revealed, not even later in the series

- Tony Soprano as the absent but looming menace, puppetmaster, and also their only chance for survival

Here are my first sketches, they are really rough but hopefully the ideas can still come across. I'd really love any feedback!


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