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The Social Studio

The social studio - Fitzroy, Melbourne Australia

The Social Studio strives to create meaningful and long term social change for all that face the barriers of unemploymnet and eduction, through the provision of education, training, experiience and social welfare. 

The public face of the studio is a clothing retailer and cafe space where the public can see the output of this environment. 

The space provides the opportunity for new migrants to tackle social barriers of isolation and find a sense of community. The studio embraces the cultural diffrences and looks for way in which the participants can draw from their cultural background to create products that relate to their new envrionment.


This identity needs to go across many mediums such as screen, print, fabric, packaging and signage. The identity needs to be scalable. Applications that i will be demonstrating in project will be screen (website),  print (catalogue and stationary) and Signage for the cafe and studio.



  • african patterns and textiles
  • tribal/cultural dress
  • printing tecniques
  • bold fonts
  • layers
  • colour 
  • rythm 
  • dynamic design


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