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The Skull By Philip K. Dick


The Skull is a sweet simple short story about time travel, the red scare, hitmen, and irony. 

Because it is a short story and typically bundled with other shorts by Philip K. Dick, there are not a lot of covers out there, to pull from. 

Here is what I've found.

And here is a start up to a mood board. 

Update # 2:

Here are some of my notes, bullitins and scribbles for the skull

right now this is the frist quick n dirty batch of thumbs (really just images not even that composed), So I'm not totally sold to this idea stream. and open for feedback 

With my cover I'm thinking of it more as something for an illistrated cover, then graphic shape cover. 

So, at the end of the story you find out that the man that Conger traveled back in time to kill was actually him. The skull that he was given as the only means to ID his target was in fact his.

my main themes I'm pulling from this story are 

Conger (main dude)

the skull

and possiblely a time line 

Update 3:

It's been really quite on here, so I just went ahead and worked alittle on the image

Any feed back would be awesome , I really dont know anything about covers and anything is welcomed. 


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