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The Six

It was such a pleasure getting a chance to peek behind the curtain of one of my favourite photogrpahers processes. Thanks Skillshare & Trashhand for keeping me inspired and reminding me to use my unique eye to capture my world. 

My photo series will be a collection of people, places & things here in the city that raised me, Toronto. 

You can often find me in an abandonded building amongst the birds trying for that perfect moment. 

Dark, gritty streets after a light rain. 

Was blessed with some beautiful symmetry from a strairwell on the west side. 

My city as silhouettes after a hard spring rain. 

This shot took me hours to get a single pigeon as the silhouette between two roofs. I love the way the blues turned out. 

Late night in Chinatown. Orginally I wanted a passerby in focus but upon review I really loved the hustle and movement of the image. 

If you've ever visited Toronto you know it's aptly nicknamed "Condo City" there are more cranes in the sky than I can count and I'm having trouble sleeping through the construtction. 


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