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The Sir Duke Group - Logo Design Project -

1/13/14  - First Video & Start

My name is Duke and I'm an engineer/conceptual product designer. After getting burned out with the 9-5 blues, I've decided to team up with some collective designers and start my own design studio in the areas of conceptual, UI/UX and mobile design work. - I love seeing/being apart of ideas that come to life.

That said...

I came up with some concepts of the direction I was shooting for. This included words of reference, colors, the logo style, etc... I felt it was important to give me a frame of reference.

1/15/14  Cont'd

After doing some research of existing logos and brands, I began sketching ideas of the logo that I though could visually represent the company well.

Note: I struggle with tons of different styles and decorative adds. Its the beginning so, i figured I throw it all out on the wall.

Also, I started refering to it as the "design studio" but am leaning toward "creative." It seem a bit more suitable for things.


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