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The Single Mom Journey Blog Start


The Single Mom Journey is an inspirational, educational, and informative blog focused on providing content about being a modern single mom to young, low income, unskilled women so that we can empower them to know that they can succeed, give them the tools and information about pathways to success, and encourage them to take the first steps!

 *low income?  Not necessarily.

*unskilled = no college education, no job history, etc.  Need a better word.

What is my Purpose?

  1.  Earn Money
  2. Help Others
  3. Share my Experience
  4. Therapeutic
  5. Creative Outlet
  6. Educational
  7. Promote my Natural Products Business
  8. Promote Healthier Lifestyles
  9. Springboard to Better Opportunities
  10. Self-Motivator

Who is my Audience?

  1.  Lower income
  2. Diverse Races
  3. They Will All Likely be Looking for Support, Motivation, Empathy, and Encouragement
  4. Mothers/Homemakers
  5. DIY Platform?

My Style


  1.  What I want it to be:  encouraging, realistic, personable, educational, and informative
  2. What I don’t want it to be:  a sob story, one sided, narrow, or judgmental.
  3. Realistic – One Sided = Diverse Topics  *  Informative/Educational – Judgmental = Diverse Topics.  Diversity in the blog topics.


My Goal

I want to write an inspirational book within 5 years. 


MISC:  Motivational Speaker?  Single mom advocate (Real Feminism Choice)?  Social change?  (food banks, not food stamps.  Better childcare options, family resources, more information on safe, healthy family planning.  Educational programs for low income women.  Reaching girls in high school about career planning – not just family planning).

My Outlets





eventually 2x/wk

I fulfill all roles for now except editor, which my sister does.








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