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The Sigro's Webcomic project!

Hey guys, my name is Sigro!

I'm following Kienan-Senpai from a couple of years by now, thanks to him and his tutorials I was able to improve as a artist in general, and i'm grateful to him for this.

My dream is to make my own webcomic, it doesn't need to become popular or whatever, I just want to do it for fun and improve as a artist thanks to it.

My webcomic is titled "S-30", it follows the adventures of a group of agents of a mysterious organization that rules the world in secret.

I'm working to this webcomic for a year by now, but I was able to make only the first 13 pages (...And I still have to translate them in english, so I will not post them here for now)...

What? Look, I was really busy this year, ok?

When I learned about this "WEBCOMIC CHALLENGE!" I thought that it was a good opportunity to improve my webcomic even more, or at least make it decent...

Here's the 10-face "brainstorm" sketches:

Here's the body sketches: 

and last but not least, here's the 2 final, colored characters:

The guy's name is Agent "G." (his real name is a secret) and the girl's name is Kate Brody.

Oh right, one last thing: I'm still kinda busy right now, y' know... Final exams and all that school stuff, so maybe I will not be able to follow the challenge often, I hope that is not a problem. >.>

Just added a new character with a completely different body shape, his name is General McGaeth.

What do you guys think of him?


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