The Shop Keeper

The Shop Keeper - student project

The Shop Keeper - image 1 - student projectI enjoyed the class so much even though I was way out of my comfort zone. I generally do the same face and expression for every drawing, so this was definitely challenging for me! I even strayed from the norm on the mood (this is dark compared to my usual) and color scheme. I tried some new things - like didn’t add in the pupils - which I also think adds to the mood. Also, tried to use some other tools and brushes I don’t usually use. It was fun playing with all the different options. I created the swirling leaf brush design on the wall paper and the leopard print on her shirt after taking the other brush design class by The Artmother ;). The only thing is Im not 100% sold on her mouth but, I do think it adds to the overall mood. Her albino raven is my fav though!! Hope ya’ll like my project! Let me know what you guys think!