The Shire

The Shire - student project


Lord of the Rings

Focus on the Shire.


  • Green
  • Rolling Hills
  • Round doors
  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Fireworks

Building the Frame

Here is the image I created with shape layers in After Effects. A bit tricky getting used to the tools! I plan on adding fireworks out of shape layers once I get to animation.

The Shire - image 1 - student project




I ended up making some slight adjustments to the scene's colors, art, and object placement before and during the animation process. I had a lot of fun making the fireworks out of shape layers and am pretty proud of how they turned out. I edited the gif version to not have a fading sky since it blew out my 256 color palette. Vimeo is embedded under the gif with the sky transition.

The Shire - image 2 - student project