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Gwen Mumford




The Shining, featuring Shelley Duvall's silly face.

The Shining is a movie from a genre that I normally wouldn't watch. I do not like scary movies at all, but this one is such a classic. Being that I'm not much for horror I really wanted to focus on a humorous aspect of the movie...Shelley Duvall's face! The facial expressions throughout this movie are golden, but Shelley's really does take the cake. 

However, my first iteration was not so successful. 


I tried using an image trace on a still from the movie, but that didn't work out so well. Also, my color choices weren't quite working. This just wasn't very interesting. 

Then I set out illustrating Shelley on my own. She started out pretty scary...


I tried to activate the space using diagonals in the background elements and with type. And of course, I wanted to keep the carpet pattern, but in a different color. I'm pretty happy with the evolution so far, but am definitely open to further suggestions! 



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