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The Shining - Stephen King

Alright, so for this project I decided on the book The Shining by Stephen King. I haven't read this book in almost a year, but it's one of my favorite books so it's burned into my brain.  

So here is my chicken scratch list of words and some other thoughts that came to mind. It's sorta funny because as i was writing these words down i kept thinking about the movie even though they are two very different stories. I love both versions and the imagery in the movie is fantastic, but i really wanted to stick to the book.


So i ended up choosing my top words:

  • Alcohol
  • Topiary Animals
  • Wasps Nest
  • Snow
  • The Rockies  
  • Mallet (rouge)
  • CB Radio
  • Fire Hose
  • Arm Breaking

Out of the 9, i chose these 3. I'll give a little background to each word.


  • Topiary - When they first arrive to the Overlook Hotel, Danny mentions that there are 7 topiary animals ( rabbit, german shepard, horse, buffalo and 3 lions) guarding the entrance to the hotel. Halloran, who is the on-season hotel's caretaker and also posses "the shining" tells Danny "yo, don't mess with the hedges cuz they gunna eff with you" Guess what Danny does? He goes anyway because he thinks they look silly and they're covered in snow, WHAT COULD GO WRONG?. ANYWAY to cut it short: he freaks out, the Hedges start moving, the Dog first and then one of the lions and then all three of lions start chasing him and end up ripping his pant and skin, All the while, the bunny is just chillin trying to see whats up. Danny runs back to the Hotel, tells Good Ol' Jack about what happened and Jack just smacks the shit out of him. 

  •  Mallet- Pretty much, when Jack goes menta under the Hotels influence, he uses the Mallet to smash Wendy ( his wife) and also to smash up Halloran's face (when he comes back to rescue them) and pretty much every other thing in the hotel. Ultimately, he kills himself with the mallet.

  • Fire hose - Danny is just straight up scared of the fire hose that is at the end of the hallway. He saw it move one time, but that was all. It seriously does nothing, but it totally terrifies him.

I'm going to work on these either tomorrow or over the weekend, but i'd totally appreciate the input and feedback. I'm pretty new to all of this!



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