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The Shadowlockers

The Shadowlockers is a fear survival co-op tactic game with lethal battles against old demons in underground forsaken ruins.

I'd like use many different mechanics. It's a co-op game with role-playing game elements. The map are created in start new session for tell a story. The map must be diversify, surprise the player. The players dont have to know what they'll find in ruins. The goal is lock the doors, the evil sources, soon stealth element is very important because the players don't alert the demons. With progress of time the evil increases. The battles must be very dangerous each combat must be unique. The devils must be to have some Artificial Intelligence like Gears of Wars: The Boardgame and each demon is different.

I've started this game in january/2013 during #onegameamonth with porticulis theme. First I've started to think to PC after I've change for tabletop. Here has more information, but unfortunately all content of my blog is in Portuguese.

My inspirations: Incursion, Earth Reborn, Gears of Wars e Last Night on Earth, besides Forbiden Island  and Mice and Mystics. In videogames: Lost Vikings, Dark Ages and Metal Gear. I'd like to crossover (medieval with dieselpunk) of Final Fantasy serie


Hi people! Finally I can advance to write many rules (unfortunately until just in my native language). After many days I'm back and I like to share my aflictions with you =D Sure that my game is very complex, I've many decisions about tiles, doors, demons, relics, weapons,.. but when I've wrote about player turn I've frozen. The game has strong stealth element, the enemies are demons, so I thought  very stupid attack a demon in shadow withou enemy perceive my act. C'mon that a old demon in ruin can't feel a char in his back? So this aspect in theme/setting I can't resolve =( Please help me. Thanks


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