The Sewing Doodle Bird | Skillshare Projects

Michelle Goggins

I love to sew, draw and make stuff!



The Sewing Doodle Bird



I really enjoyed this thorough & fun class!  I had just made a logo for my little illustration/fabric design business, and thought it would be really fun to bring it to life!  I had joined a group for illustrators called Fritzi Flock, and the leader, Johanna Fritz, had asked the group to draw a bird to represent themselves.  For me, it was the Sewing Doodle Bird.  It's blue, which is my favorite color.  It's drawn with simple lines:  a happy, flying bird carring a needle with thread trailing out behind. 

I made my pattern, keeping in mind that my bird has a long, thin beak.  I painted a bamboo skewer silver to represent the needle, and tied a big piece of red ribbon to it, to represent the thread. 

Now my bird is sitting in my studio.  It has build a nest in my sewing machine using one of the fabric swatches I designed! 


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