The Seven Deadliest Hurricanes

I'm a total newbie on Illustrator. This was my first time even touching the software, so it took me a while to do the basics. I started using vector maps and the Full NOAA PDF of data given to us by the teachers. I'm using two layers of data to tell my story: 1) Color to indicate the category of hurricane and 2) Size of circles to indicate the magnitude of damage related to hurricane's ranking by mortality. I also included a timeline of when these deadly hurricanes occured. 

I'm only halfway through and still need to make two additional keys–one that illustrates the hurricane category by color and one that delineates the magnitude of mortality. I have yet to decide the best icon to represent mortality.

Any suggestions or advice for how to improve my sketch is most welcome!



Hi guys, here is my update (make sure you download it for the best res/quality!)...

I took this class more for the discipline to learn Illustrator so I apologize that my final project isn't at the same level of perfection and detail as some of the other fantastic student projects I'm seeing in this class! During this project, I was fortunately able to play around a lot and learned a ton of new AI tools. As I continue diving into tutorials, any suggestions on what should be my first focus would be very helpful (i.e. 1) size/scale 2) alignment/distribution of images/icons 3) Paths, vectors, etc.)!

Thanks so much for the class!