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The Sensualist; A Voiceless Young Man's Struggle for Love



As a plantser, a term that I suggest in your video to explain a combination of both plotters and pantsers, I have been working on my YA novel for the past year. This includes reaching out to publishing companies to send paper grade and matte examples (free books) as well as building a story rewarding for teenagers. In The Sensualist; A Voiceless Young Man's Struggle for Love, Logan Coeur explores beyond the typical YA novel with a love story.

Logan Coeur, an undergraduate at Greyfield University, is granted a wish from a homeless man leaving him speechlessly struggling to find love and self-discovery. 

Jessica, the antagonist, is also Logan's girlfriend. 

I am pleased to say that the narrator in the Prologue has created a foundation to pursue the next step in the story. That will be to essentially create a relationship between Logan (now being mute from the wish granted) and Jessica before the key turning points of dealing with each other with limited communication. The dramatic climax will be the final decision of keeping the relationship or trying to work something out. The satisfying resolution has a rewarding factor that makes everything seem connected,  

Just Think

In a sexualized society influenced by mass media, children are challenged by social influences before they reach pubescence. These young minds and developing bodies are constantly adapting throughout their daily involvement of technological changes with interpersonal communication. This new era of communication has reshaped the understanding of building healthy relationships. The way young adults participate in digital intimacy might have significantly hindered their professional reputation and self-respect. 

The Book

The Sensualist is a young adult novel that delivers an educational focus for young victims of a sexualized society on cultural diversity, history through current global events, and language arts. This novel is a road-map towards successfully building architectural relationships. I define an architectural relationship as a relationship with a foundation of solid first impressions, structured walls of growth and development, insulation of naturally mutual feelings and experiences, and ventilation to cool down the heated encounters. The electrical wiring of an emotional and physical connection will provide the circuitry of passion and romance with a light switch. The hardwood flooring will be crafted for candle lit dinners and elegant ballroom dancing. Then, the attractive exterior siding will woo the public eye, and a secure lock of commitment will be placed on all the doors. Lastly, the roof of trust will secure this relationship's growth and development from the harsh storms and unexpected outside forces. 

Meet the MC

Logan Coeur, an undergraduate at Greyfield University, narrates his compelling story of his struggle to establish relationships after a homeless man granted him a wish that left him speechless. The young sweet-talker discovers sensuality over sexuality, and later refines his own standards for finding true love.

The Prospective Cover

Feel free to check out the cover: 


The Wrap

I've been using a successful Kickstarter campaign white board, The Wrap, to draw out my ideas for my book. It allows me to branch out and stay focused without the limitations of paper. 


 Middle Eastern / Islamic Focus 

While I organized the third chapter, I dove into my passion for Middle Eastern culture by introducing several surahs, chapters, from an English translated hard-copy of the Quran, and assisted my main character's best friend to define his character to the best of his ability. 

Omar Hassan Kafir, Logan's best friend, was a victim of racial profiling during the week of September 11, 2001. Omar's faith has set him apart from most victims of religious discrimination by building courage and perseverance through educating Islam to non-believers. The Sociology class taught at Greyfield University provided a rewarding trip to New York City, but Omar felt hesitant from the possibility of triggering events that may lead him back to horrific memories. 


Alhough Omar and Logan encounters a conflicting moment when Omar was targeted as a terrorist on the New York trip, Omar teaches Logan how to reflect on faith to bring out the best within each other. Later, Omar encourages Logan to take a step into understanding Islam as a way of valuing life and everything handed down to him from Allah. Logan takes his best friend's advice throughout his journey of discovering who he has been predetermined to become after he lost his voice from the ancient curse.


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