The Selkie & The Sea Troll | Skillshare Projects

Leitha Matz




The Selkie & The Sea Troll

I'm working on a webcomic, so this class was very well timed! The Selkie & The Sea Troll is envisioned to be kind of a humorous love story, and I haven't done any work with highlights and shadows in color, so I'm excited to start practicing that.

Here's my line art:


And this is the color palette I chose. I'm not super-strong in color, but I wanted something muted and fjord-like, so I sampled a few colors from a photo of a fjord. I'm expecting to use these alongside lots of rock and dirt neutrals.


Here's the colored file with no highlights/shadows:


And here it is with highlights and shadows, after being taken into Illustrator to vectorize it. I also updated the dialogue from my hand-writing to a more legible typeface. Still needs a bit of cleanup, but it is looking tighter, I think.



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