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Stephanie Laursen

Graphic Designer



The Secret Garden

Though the Secret Garden has a lot of imagery immeditately associated with it, I'm excited to read through it and see if I can find something a bit unexpected to use as inspiration! I have seen the movie (when I was a kid), but I'm not sure if I ever read the book, so it will be exciting to discover if there is any other imagery associated with the story besides the obvious 'garden' things.



After reading the books I did my brainstorm 'brain dump,' and tried to figure out what made the most sense to explore.

 I feel like the main themes of the book are:

--Transformation/healing (through nature)
--The Robin as a symbol of transformation, as well as a key player in the main character Mary's journey
--The transition from "lifeless" (plants, children) to "alive" (the 'green mist creeps over the wall,' and Colin learns to walk)
--The allegory of magic and religion and nature (aka: Christian Scientist beliefs)

The obvious choice for a letterform for this book would involve some kind of 'garden' imagery, but I didn't want all of my sketches to focus around that.

I tried out four directions:

1. A 'rose vine' as the letterform, or snaking around it, that transitions from 'dead' and colorless to 'alive' and colorful.
2. A letter somehow incorporating the robin and his nest, which is a very large symbol for the transformation the children go through in the book.
3. A letterform that looks like cast metal or wood with a keyhole, to symbolize the locked garden door, and then perhaps animal images 'carved' or molded into it (because animals are also a very large part of the narrative).
4. Some kind of allegory to alchemical/magical symbols, to reference the Christian Scientist undertones of the book and the 'magical' healing powers of nature that Colin discovers.

Would love any and all feedback, not quite sure which path to go down!


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