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Stephanie K

Photographer / Designer



The Secret Garden

This has always been my favorite book! I envision a secret garden being a place of adventure and discovery and I love the imagery it brings to mind. I'm excited to start this project!


- ideas, words, vision // 11.9.12 -

The garden becomes the first thing Mary really cares about in her life. It's her special escape, a place to play, learn and love. She talks to the animals and it's almost like they can understand her. Her first real friendships build within the garden's walls. 

I'm hoping to mesh the ideas of growth, imagination and friendship. None of those have specific imagery with them, so that's what I'm still working on. I've done a few little sketches just to get the bad ideas out haha. :) 


- three more legit ideas // 11.12.13 - 

preface:: after seeing all your wonderful projects so far, i'm super intimidated to share mine... so.. here goes nothing. 

option one // ornate picture frame with swirls indicating indian henna. icons relating to Mary's personal treasures or friends in each corner. key and keyhole opposite each other, bird who makes friends with mary, special elephant from her late mother. keeping the B simple because of all that's going on around it.

option two // it's a story: look at it left to right. vines hiding the garden wall, the key in the bottom to help get in. once you're in, you find adventure, fun and excitement. (this is my favorite)

option 3 // vine wrapped picture frame. (the book talks a lot about mary wandering around the mansion looking at all the mysterious portraits in the hallways) this frame showcases an ornate B with a keyhole. i think this is the classiest, but i also don't know if that's what i'm going for. 

any feedback would be amazing! thank you! 

- Update // 12.6.13 -

AH I'm so discouraged, I haven't had anytime to work on this and everyone's projects look amazing so far! This is what mine currently looks like and it's a mess haha. Can't wait to have some time to really focus on it!!

= Update! 1.27.14 =

Haven't made much progress, but I'm commited to finishing! Slowly but surely! OH and don't worry, these aren't my final colors!

= update! 2.5.14 =

How do we feel about this?! Found an awesome pattern with an awesome color scheme, and so I tried it out. Got that Indian culture feel that was so important to Mary. I kind of like it. Does it work? Is it too disjointed from the garden visuals? 

Also wondering if there needs to be more detail.

= update 2.6.14 = 

I am thinking this might be my final... BUT I'm not COMPLETELY in love with it yet. I might do a few tweaks here and there... Any last feedback? Would love to hear thoughts! 


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