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The Seagull and The Transformer

Not too long ago I was on Muni, taking the T line heading towards Embarcadero station. I was sitting down by a window seat, in a jam-packed bus, observing the outside life, as the bus passed by. As the bus was approaching a stoplight, I took notice of this homeless guy outside who was yelling, shaking his head, and pointing his finger at something. It looked almost as if he was disappointed with someone, but since there wasn’t another person in front of him, I just assumed he was yelling to himself. (Growing up in San Francisco, it’s normal to see people yelling at themselves.)

 I looked around in the direction he was pointing in, to see who he was upset with, but all I saw was a seagull next to a big pile of garbage. The seagull was looking up, with a blank stare, at the angry homeless guy.  And from where I was looking, it seemed like the homeless guy was looking straight in to the eyes of the seagull. While I watched this scene go on outside, I started to debate if whether or not he was mad at the seagull or himself.

 Not being able to hear the argument from outside, I started to believe that the homeless guy was seriously arguing with this seagull. I began to ask questions like, what is the seagull being accused of? Did he take food that was not his? Did he crap all over something? I mean I have experienced some past issues with seagulls, and I’m not a fan of them, so I would totally side with this guy whatever the bird did.

I was so entertained and excited by the argument that I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I was constantly checking around to see if people where noticing this scene, but it looked like I was the only one aware of this man VS bird conflict. Just as the bus started to slowly pull away, the homeless guy started walking away as the seagull watched him. All of the sudden, just before the bus is about to pull in to the tunnel, the pile of garbage next to the seagull starts moving, morphing in to another homeless guy. It was like watching a trashcan version of the transformers.  As the bus entered the tunnel, I was sitting down in such state of shock of how epic that ending was. It was truly a scene of my life I will never forget. 


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