The Say No to Perfect Project

Posting as I go through the five exercises. Here are a few notes:

Experiment 1-  First assignment is to use all of your tools.  I've got a bit of randomness at home, but only certain tools that I feel comfortable with.  So, for this assignment I chose to not use tools that are my go to's (ink and watercolor).  Some of the tools I've never used and some I've only used a handful of times at most.  Here I played with watercolor crayon, oil pastels, conte crayon, black pan pastel, vine charcoal, charcoal pencil, and polycromos colored pencils (They're expensive, so I shy away from them.).  This is also the second time I've ever played with turpentine.  There was no real plan of attack with this, and I ended up making a bigger and more layered version of my absent minded doodles.  The biggest take back I got from this project is how much I like how well turpentine can make a piece go from a kids drawing to more of a piece of art.  Too fun.  I think I've only drawn an abstract piece once EVER.  So, I found it challenging to know where to go with this one.  I chose to focus on the colors and feel my way through it.  I really like how how watercolor crayon and oil pastels can work together., although oil pastels seem to have richer colors.  And I think that using the vine charcoal for line work gave the picture a more expressive feel. Fun assignment.  Ready for #2.



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