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The Santa Justa Elevator - Lisbon Portugal

First I want to thank to PORTER YATES for the great lessons MANY THANKS

I Love this place as I passed by and looked at the street background, and I remembered the lesson, summarizing the object is the lift, with the symmetry of the buildings on the left and right side. a street in Lisbon

The Santa Justa Elevator, also referred to as the Carmo Elevator, located in Lisbon, in the eponymous district in Portugal. Connects the Rua do Ouro and Rua do Carmo off the Carmo and constitutes one of the most interesting monuments of downtown Lisbon.

The ticket office is located behind the tower, on the steps of the Rua do Carmo. Passengers can go up or down the elevator in two elegant wooden booths with brass fittings.

The structure, in neo-Gothic style, was built at the turn of the nineteenth to the twentieth century with the project engineer Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard, who also was responsible for similar in the country.

Contrary to popular assertion is not proven to link this engineer Gustave Eiffel. What is known is that both Ponsard as the French architect Louis Reynaud applied these lifts some of the techniques and materials already used in France.


$ more photos with people at the top of the Santa Justa Lift in Lisbon Portugal.





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