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The San Diego Life

I came back from a whirlwind trip to San Diego to attend my friends' wedding party. Southern California is known as having 'endless summers' and you felt it while you were there.  I definitely have the tan to prove it.  I experienced days of hot weather, amazing sun sets and sun rises, and fun patios.

San Diego is also rich in culture, history, and activities.  We visited my friend's winery 'town' where aside from being a winery it was a also small little contained town of shops, cafes, farmers' market and more.  This winery dates back to 1889 so as you walked through you definitely a touch of the Old West because they've kept and maintained a lot of the old buildings.  Those old walls made the perfect backdrop for some fun pictures (below) and here's more Instagram pictures of the quaint cute town

When we're not sipping wine, we wear sweating it out.  San Diego is also known to be an active city with it being near the water for surfing and swimming, and lots of hills to hike up.  We spent half a day hiking up this mountain to reach the 'potato edge' cliff.  As you can see from the pictures, you can see why it was called that and it also made the perfect setting for some death-defying shots


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