The Safe House (Work in Progress)

The Safe House (Work in Progress) - student project

The Safe House (Work in Progress) - image 1 - student project

The universe I am exploring and creating here is called The Safe Place. 

The Safe Place exists in my head - in this universe, I am imagining a place that is fortified against my Enemy - The Voices. These voices speak negatively, and therefore, it is important that The Safe Place is constantly reviving itself to protect my mind against negativity. 

When it's not under attack, it is a place of nature confined in geometric shapes, cats with duo-tails and random buildings. It is guarded by the Queen Cat, who scratches on sight at signs of evil coming toward the Place. It is also guarded by 3 crescents, because there is no Sun. This is better than having no light at all. The stars also serve to illuminate The Safe Place. The Sun used to exist, but it got chased away due to the constant attacks from the Voices. It is my hope that the Sun will someday return to rule and reign again. 

This is a work in progress - ideally, I want to paint the work using pastel colours and muted greys. Figuring it out! Will post an update once it's completed. 

Hema Veeramohan
Art Educator & Powerlifter