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The Sacred Geometry of Creative Intensions

At 22, I won my first tier of investment to disrupt oil and gas technology and bring into the indoor environmental market based my assumption LEED USA would be adopted by Canada. I started sourcing the brilliance required to bring my vision into a market ready product. 

Without any formal education in business, engineering, software development or communications, I sourced the experts to teach me, convinced the CEO of an Oil & Gas Company to lend me 250k worth of hardware and software, installed the working prototype of a real-time indoor environmental monitoring system, tested for 1 year to prove contaminants could be detected with outdoor system inside of a building, an then raised my first 200k tier of investment at a nominal 10% dilution. I built this product to show the make the intangible, tangible.

An advisor once made me write a SWOT analysis on myself. This very task may have been the trigger in not only better understanding my strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths, but to also help me understand what in life makes my heart flutter and how did I deter from this once unaltered passion of indoor environmental technology development to the present. I did things all wrong, I built the basis of my 2 companies on money, not love. I started an environmental firm to act as a revenue stream for my passion, the technology not understanding at the time of jumping and building my wings on the way down I would have to commit a minimum of 5 years to this monkey work until I can build a strong enough foundation to feed oxygen to my technology company, the passion behind all of this mislead hustle. Darn. Time to start over, but not really start over. I get to bring 12 years of trials and tribulations to the table in bringing any product software or hardware or both from concept to fruition. I built prototypes, forced programmers to stay until 4 in the morning to troubleshoot the software and hardware solution my brain created..after attempting to give up and my absolute refusal to give in, it turned out to be a faulty Ethernet cable. Can you believe it...I am sure many of you reading this can.

12 years ago I foresaw the future demand for indoor environmental monitoring solutions and made the intangible tangible. After many lessons learned and just as many accomplishments achieved, combined with the exponential growth of technology and it's future demand for AI platforms I am prepared to unfold my Creative Intensions to change the world in my own unique way.

My intentions are to build a product that will dig deep into microtonal composing, binaural beats and Schumann's Resonances through hands on research in the Amazon during Shamanic healing ceremonies. My intentions are to exercise a unique social impact model I have formulated to assist in changing the way we change poverty starting with the locals in Brazil who are fighting to preserve their land to protect the sacred medicines capable of creating a new wave of healing and more importantly, a new way of understanding.

"Shamanic healing re-establishes resonance among the body's biological systems and restores its inherent energetic state - a tune-up of homeostasis. When harmony is restored to the world of living energy within us by balancing heavy and light energy, healing takes place."

~ J.E. Williams, The Andean Codex, Adventures And Initiations Among The Peruvian Shamans. 


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