The Runners, The Yogis

The Runners, The Yogis - student project

Some runners. I've loved running since I was a teenager. I've been a runner for almost 40 years. I love watching people run, and these exercises are getting me to notice the way our arms and legs move when we're running.

Mainly I've been drawing weird creatures, so it's an interesting practice for me to draw "real" people. 


I started out with running people and then gradually the shapes have taken me into yoga poses, another thing that I love very much.

And then the object perspective exercise exercise led me to how much I still struggle with drawing, or drawing well, or drawing as well as I fantasise about drawing.

The Runners, The Yogis - image 1 - student project


The Runners, The Yogis - image 2 - student project

What was interesting for me doing the people inside shapes is that the restriction of the shapes gave the characters a real sense of tension and movement. I really like what I was left with once I deleted the shapes themselves.

The Runners, The Yogis - image 3 - student project


The Runners, The Yogis - image 4 - student project


 The Runners, The Yogis - image 5 - student project






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