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The Runner's Tea

The Runner's Tea is an all-natural performance tea for athletes, made with 100% organic herbs and matcha green tea. Our custom blend has been designed to increase endurance, be gentle on the stomach, and stimulate athletic performance. High in antioxidants, The Runner's Tea is great for your body and brain with increased levels of L-theanine, mood enhancing herbs, and thermogenic properties to help your body burn fat for energy.

11 Questions:

1.) What is Marketing for? What does this department/function/budget exist to do?

Marketing, for this product, is to be used to generate awareness for The Runner's Tea. To get it into the hands of athletes, both professional and amateur, so they can test it out   and so that the company can gather testimonials and influence product development. To get the tea into retail environments, and trade shows. To get our product in front of the particpants at running events, or part of the 'swag bag'. To build up PR materials and demonstrate, to the people that are actively purchasing the tea and participating in athletic events, the benefits of the tea.

2.) What are we allowed to touch?

The marketing is everything for this product. We're treading the line between the tea and sports drink barrier, and as such, we need to be able to respond to either side of that competition. Marketing is allowed to use everything at it's disposal in order to build up the business.

3.) What can we as marketers measure?

Ultimately, the measure of the effectiveness of the marketing is reflected in sales. Additionally, press and media inquiries, and even new regional store requests for product, are an indication that marketing is working.

4.) What can we change?

After listening to Seth's two different types of marketing, I would say that we are trying to influence the second option, where we are trying to change the customer and their perceptions. We want to help people be active, to increase their 'healthiness', to get moving and live longer/better lives. If we can get people over that athletic hump, where they can break through 'the wall', then we have succeeded.

5.) What promise are you going to make?

This is an interesting question. From a marketing perspective, internally, I want the marketer to promise me that their efforts will increase sales and will build up a thriving company. But externally, to my customers, I want the marketing to be honest no bullshit truth: this tea increases athletic performance. It makes you feel better, it makes exercise easier on the body, and let's you push harder as part of a program to achieve your athletic goals.

6.) What’s the hard part? 

I want so badly to say that the hard part will be to keep making enough of this tea to fulfill demand. But I know that, honestly, the hard part will be finding shelf space as a very niche product. Do you put us in the tea aisle? We're perceived as a sports drink. Do you put us in the energy drink section? We're an all-natural organic drink, but we're a bag of looseleaf tea and herbs. 

7.) Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

I guess the previous question helps answer this one. By the simple fact that we DON'T fit in the sports beverage or tea shelves as default as other companies suggests that we are creating our own trend.

8.) Where is the risk?

From a marketer perspective, the risk is in getting the customer hopes up in a way that could result in a deflated experience for the consumer. The marketing needs to be honest...this product is an aid in athletic performance, it doesn't turn you into a superhero. As a consumer, the risk, as mentioned by Seth in the video, is the potential disappointment in the experience via unrealized expectations. The tea needs to help the consumer achieve the baby steps of progress in their athletic goals...get them past that initial wall they were running up against (no pun intended), and then be a continued element in the training to aid them in incremental growth.

9.) Who is in charge?

I am. I am the founder and this is my vision. That's the only person that needs to be checking the marketing plan and signing off.

10.) Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

As mentioned, the money is going to awareness. Generating a presence, no matter how small an outlet, is the goal of what the money is designated for. The money is to be there, to talk to the customers, where they are.

11.) How should you be spending your time?

I know I keep using this term over and over, but the marketer needs to spend their time generating awareness for the tea. If that means a marketing plan that includes press releases to a list of media outlets, as well as in-store demo sample days at small groceries, or a booth at at trade show...then as long as the goal of making more people aware of the tea has been met the plan was successful.


Describe your brand:

The Runner's Tea is a motivation booster for athletic performance goals. It's a healthy, hydrating, energy-boosting tea that lessens the impact of athletic stress on the body.

Action Theory Overview:

Delight, magic. Our goal is to exceed expectations in the people using the product in a couple of ways...taste and results. When you hear a product is all natural, organic, without sugar, no sodium, and virtually calorie free, you might think it is bland or really 'healthy' tasting. Our tea is refreshing and crisp tasting, no tannin bitterness, and has a little kick of ginger spiciness. It's surprising. And then you feel the energy. It's a clean energy, and all the additional herbs calm your stomach. You feel better during and after your workout. It changes your response to athletic effort. We're trying to enhance the consumer, leaving them better than they were before they tried our tea. With continued engagement via support in their training goals by providing health and nutrition articles.

The P Words 

Choose three or four P’s you will prioritize to be the backbone of your marketing plan:

Of the 50+ concepts covered in the lessons, what are the top concepts you'll use to generate Emotion, cause Change, earn the privilege to Alert and encourage people to Share?



Marketing Point of View

What do you stand for and what are you trying to accomplish? Include what you don’t and won’t do, what you believe in and what works for you and for your customers. 


What’s Your Story?


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