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The Rudiuk Family Crest!

Hello there!

Thanks for the great class Aaron. I learned a lot, but still have to work over the speed :)

I've decided to make a crest for newborn family of my sister. I'm going to her wedding at the end of July, so gift caps will be just in time.

Step one — gathering inspiration on Pinterest:


I tried to figure out what symbols could characterize the newlyweds.  Then made a rough sketch on paper



Sketching, sketching, sketching:


That's what I get. My sister and her fiance have met in Kyiv and live there now. The symbol of Kyiv is chestnut, so I drew branches of blossoming chestnut on the sides. Racoon is fiance's favorite animal, and on the other side is sister's favorite cat Chip. The weight with heart symbolizes the athleticism of the groom and the power of his love to the bride. Musical notes are for the bride's passion for music and playing the violin. The sea and the sun are symbols of their homelands. Scroll indicates where they met - Faculty of History. And horseshoe for good luck! Motto I chose just for fun, I think they will put their own later :)

Adobe Illustrator turned my sketch to this (a lot of differeces! where is my crown-looking sketch?!):


Colored try:


Thanks for watching and for inspiring me with your projects here, guys!


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