The Royal Abnormals

The Royal Abnormals - student project

The Royal Abnormals - image 1 - student projectApparel for the wicked and weird. Be the royalty that you are. 

This will be a clothing line that focuses on LGBTQIA, witchcraft, addiction, feminism, activism, and mental health. My goal is to start working on designs by May and have a site where I can sell by July. My clothes are for the outsiders, the ones underrepresented, and who need to feel supported and loved; that they can proudly wave their freak flags, and have their voices heard; all with fun art and a dash of humor. 

The style is a mix of graffiti and modern colorful comics, which mixes my love of painting, coloring comics, and graphic design. There will be a mix of illustrations and patterns offered, all done through digital media.