The Routine

The Routine - student project


Update: May 10th

Had to drop this project due to work, life, moving, bla bla bla, but in the spirit of perservance and a personal code to finish things I start here is the final version of the badges. I definitely bit off more than I should have. The complicated little scenes made each badge pretty laborious for me but I learned so much during this project. The center divider between "transitions" from outer to up close caused me a headache when applying the font. The font was another challenge I had and I'm still not completely happy with it but I don't think I ever am. Thanks everyone!

The Routine - image 1 - student project

Update: April 30th

Yes, it's past the deadline but I just got back from vacation and tried to dish out at least one of the badges I initially designed. I had a lot of trouble with two things: colors and simplicity. I feel like the more complex the badges become the more difficult it is to pick a palette and stick to it. Also, it started to get really busy and took much longer than expected. Do I like the end result? Yes. Did I have fun with this course? Absolutely. Am I going to be designing many more of these guys in the future? Most definitely. :)

The Routine - image 2 - student project

After brainstorming a bit with categories like, “What I Should Do” and “What I Want to Do”... I naturally went with what I wanted do. Over the past couple of years I’ve found I work really well with and am fond of, routines. They aren’t boring or rigid but just help me get into a solid happy and coherent rhythm of things.

The Routine - image 3 - student project


My daily routines started off gradually but started with early mornings followed by morning runs. Good ole injection of caffeine (I rotate between coffee, mate, and tea) coupled with at least 20 minutes working on a new skill (currently gothic letters). Incumbent upon an awesome day is something for the soul guided by the quote, “Let deeds not words be your adorning”. Some prayer/meditation/scripture mutually illumined by action and service.

So boom, there you have it:

  1. Early Mornings
  2. Morning Run
  3. Caffeine
  4. Build a skill
  5. Something for the Soul

The next idea exploration, albeit quick, was how to incorporate the idea of a routine into the badge itself:


  • Loops
  • Figure eights
  • Circles
  • Steps Segments

I settled with the curve of the midpoint of the figure 8/infinity symbol. I thought it to be a fun and unique way to house the images.

The Routine - image 4 - student project

I’m enjoying the progress with the badges themselves. The dual nature of these allows me to tell the story of the routine. The Something for the Soul badge was a bit hard. The first part is simply a prayer book and some prayer beads. The second part is trying to represent service without being one group of people serving another (something where everyone participates in the growing process). I settled with an extended hand with a budding plant with another watering it. Any ideas of how to do service without it being what I mentioned before (one group of people serving another or one person teaching others)?