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Denise Trio

Founder / Designer / The Rose Creative



The Rose Creative Brand Identity

I'm drafting a brand identity for my new design company, The Rose Creative.  My company will begin as an Etsy shop, which will include wedding stationery and signage.  Eventually, I will expand the shop to other party invitations and mongrammed stationery.  In the future, my company will also perform graphic design consultation for non-profits and churches, and feature custom, family, home videos created from raw smart phone movies and photographs.

After writing my Creative Brief, I've come up with this as my mood board:

After playing with the color palette, here are the options I came up with using these colors.  I think I still like the top left the best.

Here are my typography selections:

Century Gothic for the main font (logo) and Cynthoslab Pro for the supporting font.

And my graphic language selections:  I also added Lavanderia as a supporting font.

My final results:


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