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The Roomie Back to Breakfast project (complete)

Day 6: Chocolate Avacado Chia pudding This one didnt work out for me. There was no added liquid and my blender was challenged.  I ended up adding a little more than a quarter cup to a halved recipe.  I didn't enjoy the flavour. 


Day 5 Banana Coconut oatmeal. My roommate did her magic with oats and we enjoyed this topping suggestion made by the class recipe


Day 4: Mini broccoli and cheese frittatas


YUMMMMMMY!!!! I loved these, as did my roommate! They were pretty simple to make and I can see substituting just about anything you had kicking around in the fridge with the addition of sauteed onions (I didn't have a shallot) I used only grated marble cheese (again, that's what I had) I just added up the amounts of both cheeses to the egg mixture.  I did not use the whole tablesoon of salt, and substitiuted plain yellow mustard because I don't like dijon.

Will so do this again! We think it would be great on an english muffin with a couple of Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies and a piece of fruit to be a perfect on the go breakfast.

Thanks for the lovely recipe!  Except please note that the of 3/4C of milk that was added to the egg mixture was not mentioned in the recipe when it was presented as a list on the screen,and there was no suggested cooking time. I think mine were in for 25 minutes or so. Yield was 12 lovely mini frittatas, not 6.

Day 3: Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies  


Loved the idea of cookies for breakfast. Carrot cake cookies are even better! However, I think I would cut down on the baking powder, and include baking soda or another egg if I wanted these to be lighter. Also,I used melted butter and regular flour in this recipe and it was fine. The dough would also hold more ingredients like pinapple pieces or raisins, currents or cranberries. All that was in the fridge was baby carrots, so my roomie had to look up the yeild of two medium carrots shreded. Its one cup/250ml in case you wondered :) (Thanks Jody)

My yield was 31 Tbsp sized cookies that probably would have benifited from a flattening with a fork.  I did not find that they spread on the baking sheet either at room temperature or chilled.

Next time planning on eating these little guys with yogurt or something with lots of protein. 

Day 2: Quaker Style Oats 


I love oatmeal.  Wanted to start that way. I prefer cooked, as does my roommate and so she offered to have another go at the whole process.  In order to honour the class' pretext that early prep fixes the morning breakfast crisis, she prepped the ingredients the night before so only had to turn on the water and pour the oats in. Easy peasy.  And sooo good.  I'll have to let her tell you about the how of it, but I wanted to post the pic of my breakfast covered in fresh blackberries, banana chips and brown sugar. Yum! Thanks Jody. 

Day 1: Overnight Oats 


So I saw this class and thought it might be a good solution to my breakfast quest, but I'm only one lady and was worried that the recipies would make more than I could manage to eat. I invited my roomie to join me. We could see the benifits of breakfast meal prep the night/weekend beforehand.

She offered to do the oatmeal, as she has a long history of amazing oatmeal production, so I was stoke to try her offering.  She whipped up the ingredients and popped it into the fridge. It seemed to be no biggie.  When I woke up a little earlier than her the next morning I started by adding fresh raspberries and a spoon.  However, on first bite I was reminded of early morning barn trips and the dusty smell and taste of raw oats.  I ate my portion and enjoyed the addition of the fresh fruit. I wont make this again though, as it seemed both a poor meusli and poor oatmeal at the same time. I like the idea, and like the easy prep, but dont enjoy the raw oats.  I just like it cooked better. 


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