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Tarun Krishnan




The Road To Some Clarity

I've lead a life constantly split between my pursuits as a singer and songwriter while also pursuing a fulfilling life as a graphic and web designer. At the end of 2014 I leftrealized that I am no longer content to simply be "ok" at both. I also realized a lot of the reason I felt stuck was that I was lost in my sea of goals with no small steps to gain any progress. I hope that through learning the skills from this class that I may be able to better prioritize my goals and wishes into things I will finally act on and present to the world I wish to engage with in a much better fashion.


Update February 9th


My SMART Goals

  • Goal 1 : Create and sell 400 copies of the ELO Cazhmar Album by December 31st, 2015
  • Goal 2 : Get 200 people to play the ELO Prism Music game by November 5th, 2015
  • Goal 3 : Source and Complete 5 Freelance Design Projects by December 31st, 2015
  • Goal 4 : Create 2 Web Projects that get 200 people each who play or interact with it


Update January 28th


Writing my Ideal Day, Month, and Year and then my values really helped add perspective how different it is from my current life. However, instead of feeling dejected, having this "pie in the sky" POV gives me a chance to possibly in the future be more keenly aware of opportunities that can lead closer to that life. 

Highlights of the Ideal Day

Early morning at 5am starts with a light breakfast and then about 2 and half hours of playing music in a home studio

While my day starts with music, I then transition over to design by 9am and work till lunch (2:45), where I make sure I have lunch with someone I work with or wish to work with or collaborate with on a music project

I also am freelancer in this Ideal world, and work from home

After lunch I work till 5 (funnily I still stuck to a 9-5..., don't know why) on design, then spend the evening playing more music (3 hours) but preferably with someone as opposed to the morning session

Highlights of the Ideal Month

I work 4 days out the week, really committing to my daily route mentioned before,

I spend the 3 days not in my routine performing at shows, further study my path in spirituality ( I am currently and I expect to continue studying and practicing some form Buddhism, and I think the 3 days off will give me more time to mindfully study it)

Highlights of the Ideal Year

I work 9 months out of the year. I justify this (because the judge in me was very "judgy"when I wrote this, by saying that is concentrated work, using my daily routine and weekly routine to be very active and skillful in my pursuits)

My 3 months are dedicated to possibly traveling for a longer period of time to perform, as well as to finally travel and really immerse myself in an environment.

Values (Top 3)
1. Autonomy, Freedom & Independence
2. Financial Security
3. Expressing my Creativity


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