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The River

I really like this technique. I want to use it to make a music video so my project is a little different than the intended one. I did my texturing in photoshop because I was wanting to draw on my paper instead of only cutting out pieces of paper but I might change that.


I took the waves and started to try them out to see if I could make a wave animation but I'm not too stoked on how it's turning out right now. This is what it currently looks like:

I think the see-saw motion isn't really working out. I think it should be more of a continous flow in one direction. I'll have to play around with it a bit more. 

After playing around with the motion some more I've gotten it to a better place. I decided to move along and make some more assets now. This is test 2:

I've run into a problem though. I visualized all the pieces in my head by I never actually constrained them to an artboard. I made everything on it's own. So now that I'm piecing everything together I'm seeing some issues with scale. I might have to remake the waves to fix this. I guess next time I should do like Jake did and have everything laid out before I start to animate.


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