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The River Flows

This is my first project here on skill share :)

The phrase I used was actually a few words from a larger phrase I was playing with at the time and thought it would be a nice challenge to fit with the lessons.

Here are the few initial scruffy sketches I did. I'm sure I could have put way more time into this but unfortunately that didn't happen.



I was trying to go with a script similar to the one in the tutorial as a first attempt. I liked the idea of the words flowing into one another to convey meaning. Here is my final pencil sketch before going to computer:


I found the vectorizing process with the pen tool way harder than I expected. Nicolas made it look so easy in the video! Nicolas mentioned that sometimes there will be a need to break the rule of keeping handles horizontal and vertical. I found I needed to do this several times and I am not sure if this was my lack of skill with the pen tool or just what was needed there. here is my vector in illustrator:


Once this was done I found moving into Photoshop fairly easy in comparison. I wanted some thing colourful and lively so ended up taking a blue and green stock photo and playing about with the saturation and colours to get the feel I wanted. Here is my final piece:



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