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Stephanie Schrenk




The Rise of the Sex Idiot


It is a cry the world first heard during the Olympics when Ryan Lochte swaggered out of the overpriced sneaker store and into the public eye. Known as "America's Sexiest Douche", he has further solidified his celebrity status by fufilling womens dreams (or nightmares) everywhere by starring in his own reality show on E! Entertainment. I first saw "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" as a sign of the end-times: a signal that society had reached an all-time low (for some reason, Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Jersey Shore wasn't a tipping point for me). Filled with irritation and mild curiosity, I got on my laptop and watched the sneak previews of his new show, as well as the first few episodes. Well, okay, I watched three. And while I was pleasantly surprised that his family was so normal and down to earth, I was still discouraged by the fact that Ryan seems to skate (or swim?) by on his annoyingly good looks and athletic prowess. Almost everything he said had no substance to it. And while it has been a fairly old tradition in our society to mock beautiful idiots, it seems that lately the media spotlight has increased on them tenfold. So how did this subset of people become so popular? 

Western society has always been fascinated with the lives of the beautiful and well-off, and with the invention of reality shows comes the new status of celebrity: beautiful, rich, eccentric, and vapid. It seems that the second and third generations of wealthy families only feel a need to look good, dress well, and engage in mindless drama with other trust fund babies until their antics get them on television. And now even "commoners" get the chance to live a little bit of this lifestyle if they get picked to be reality shows about surviving in the wilderness, or even surviving hepatitis on the latest reality show featuring a douche-bag.


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