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The Ring Club Blog (Renovation)

I am an avid blogger on the topics of marriage and relationships. My wife and I oversee a community of married; African American couples in Chicago, IL. That community is called The Ring Club (; we provide spaces of meaning for married & enaged couples in the form of book clubs, dance lessons, weekly prayer lines, and much more.

I have been writing for 5 years on the topics of marriage and relationships. I believe the content that I write about is filled with candor and practical information for couples.

At this point in the life of my blog, I feel like my content is strong and is helpful to my readers. I belive the content is so helpful that I want more eyes to it and be impacted by it.


Purpose of my blog:

  • Practice writing
  • Inspire marriages and relationships
  • Outlet for creativity
  • Stock pile content
  • Exercise in reverse repression
  • Better outlet for me than surfing social media
  • Use blog to get published
  • Visibility 
  • Change people’s perspective of what’s possible for marriage 



  • Ages: 18-100
  • Single
  • Married
  • Engaged
  • In a relationship
  • Those who believe in marriage
  • Faith community
  • Young professionals



  • Those who value the institution of marriage
  • Love people
  • Romantics
  • Believers in monogamous relationships

Picture of audience: Above picture


Detailed Description:

Cliff & Claire are young professionals who love each other and want to spend their life together. They have dreams of creating a Christ centered family; different from the families they grew up in. Ultimately they understand that the health of their (future) marriage will determine the environment that their children grow up in. They also understand that they need a vision for where they are going in their relationship-a map to where they are and where they want to be. 


  • Informative >> Statistical
  • Inspirational >> “Churchy”
  • Empowering >> How to
  • Fresh >> New Age
  • Actionable >> Burdensome


  • Informative - Statistical = Transformative
  • Inspirational - Churchy = Relevant
  • Empowering – How to = Catalytic
  • Fresh – New Age = Unrestricted
  • Actionable – Burdensome = Progressive 


Ultimately I want to increase the visibility of my blog, leverage that visibility to draw more people into The Ring Club community and use that leverage to open the a few doors:

*Writing for an online site on the topic of marriage and relationship

*Speak publicly on the topics of marriage and relationship

*Write an article on the topics of marriage and relationship


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